SAXA was founded in Hong Kong in the year 1991. For six years SAXA exported garments to Europe, in particular sportswear manufactured in China. In 1997, SAXA moved their head-office to Semarang, Indonesia under the name of PT SAXA Inti Lestari, as Indonesia was an up and coming force in textile garments. For more than 10 years SAXA managed the production and export of Fila Sport as well as other branded sportswear companies.

In 2010, we converted SAXA into a global quality and compliance solution provider offering product inspections, factory audits, laboratory testing and quality consulting for the territory of Indonesia. SAXA’s customers are from Japan, Europe, U.S.A. and Australia.

Our head-office is located in the capital of Central Java, Semarang, which over the last 5 years recorded the largest growth rate for textile, garments and furniture in Indonesia. SAXA also maintains a branch office in Bali, thus we have good access to any location within Indonesia.

Our vision is to accomplish the highest quality and professional services for our clients.

Our mission is to constantly improve our services by imposing strict self-control and obtain the lowest defect rates on inspected goods.